Best time to go to Dominica – Your Ultimate guide

Best time to go to Dominica – Your Ultimate guide

Best time to goThe best time to go to Dominica is between the months of January through to May.

To get the best out of the weather, get cheaper flights and hotels it is best to travel to the region in April or May. The weather here is warm and pleasant at an average of 28°C – 30°C with plenty of sunshine.

Peak season is from mid- December to mid-April when the sunny weather brings greater tourism so if you are planning to travel at this time, make sure to book 6-9 months before.

Heading in towards the summer months, the climate starts to become very hot and humid with hurricane season bringing rain and storms from June through to November. During this time, the island is a lot quieter which can make it a magical time to visit.


Let’s get to know Dominica a bit better!

Useful Information

Dominica is a paradise for any lover of nature. It’s takes a step back from the typical Caribbean island of white sandy beaches, luxurious beach resorts and glamorous beach life. Even though the island still provides these luxuries, it is more of a rugged and rustic hotspot for travellers and adventure seekers with its rainforest covered volcano, incredible diving spots, sulphurous hot springs, steam-covered boiling lake and long-distance hiking trail which gives its name ‘The Nature Isle’.

Dominica is located halfway between Guadeloupe and Martinique in the Windward Islands with a population of around 72,000 predominantly speaking Dominican Creole French.

Capital CityCapital: Roseau


Currency usedCurrency used Dominica: Eastern Caribbean Dollar with most establishments accepting MasterCard and Visa. ATMs dispense local currency but are scarce outside of Roseau and Portsmouth.


AirportsAirports: Douglas–Charles Airport / Canefield Airport


Visa and entry requirementsVisa & Entry Requirements: You must have a valid passport and return ticket. Most countries do not require a Visa but you can check out any further information you may need here.


Average TemperatureAverage Temperature: The hottest month is July at an average of 29°C with it being the coolest in January at around 25°C.

Average temperature in Dominica


Check out some of these best things to do whilst your there!

What to do in Dominica

Take a hike to Boiling Lake when you go to Dominica

See the refreshing waterfall of Middleham falls when you go to Dominica

Swim through Titou Gorge when you go to Dominica

Walk through nature in Papillote Tropical Gardens when you go to Dominica

Visit the historic Fort Shirley when you go to Dominica


Dominica hold some incredible festivals, these are the most highly anticipated ones!

Culture & Festivities

Dominica is the only place in the Eastern Caribbean that’s still home to a sizeable population of indigenous people, the Kalinago. With western European colonisers such as the French and British settling here centuries ago and bringing the slave trade to Dominica, it has brought about a mixture of ethnicities just like many other Caribbean islands.

The people of Dominica enjoy and celebrate many festivals throughout the year, whether it be traditional or more modern festivities that involve dancing and singing to plenty of upbeat music.

World Creole Music Festival

Feel the electric atmosphere at the World Creole Music Festival when you go to Dominica

Held annually over the last weekend of October in the capital city of Roseau.

The World Creole Music Festival brings together the best in Creole music from local, regional and international performers. Listen to many forms of rhythm and beats that are surely to get you up and on your feet.

Dominica’s Carnival

Take part in the Carnival when you go to Dominica

The Dominica Carnival or Mas Domnik as it is known locally, is held on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. Here the people of Dominica fairly put on a show with colourful parades, pageants, competitions all to the sound of the upbeat calypso music playing all over the island. Travel to the capital of Roseau do discover the best in Carnival.

It is said that this to be the best time to go to Dominica to experience this atmosphere at the Carnival.

Dominica’s Jazz ‘n Creole

Feel the vibes at the Jazz and Creole Festival when you go to Dominica

This jazzy festival can be discovered in late May

Here you can enjoy the best in everything Dominica has to offer in Jazz. The locals are encouraged to incorporate some aspect of Creole into their outfits with the best winning a ticket to the World Creole Music Festival.

If you are a big lover of Jazz music, get involved in the atmosphere in this festival.

Dive Fest

Dominica’s Dive Fest is the longest running scuba dive and water-sport festival in the Caribbean. It is held in mid-July offering fellow divers and water lovers to explore the seas around the ‘Nature Isle’.

There are activities for adults and children alike such as snorkelling, scuba diving, whale watching, turtle observation and the famous Kubuli Canoe Race.

It gives locals and tourists the opportunity to discover the beautiful waters of Dominica.

Hike Fest

Usually taking place in the three Saturdays in May participants get the chance to explore some of the greatest hiking trails in all the Caribbean.

Take in the breathtaking mountainous scenery all around as you follow a certified hiking instructor over incredible terrain and through the tropical rainforest.

Hiking enthusiasts from all over the world come to Dominica every year to enjoy this beautiful nature trail.


Now if beaching it is more your thing, explore these stunning beaches Dominica has to offer

Best Beaches in Dominica

Even though Dominica has a more mountainous rainforest covered landscape, it also does boast some beautiful beaches that are perfect for a romantic stroll or day out with the family.

Champagne Beach

Swim in the bubbling waters of Champagne beach when you go to Dominica

You can find this beautiful beach at towards the south coast of the island, around a 25-minute drive from the capital of Roseau.

Champagne beach is a white pebble beach that boasts spectacular views. The beach itself gets its name from the small bubbles rising from the volcanic sea floor. It’s the perfect place for swimming, snorkelling and offers some fantastic diving sites. You can rent gear here at a very reasonable price, at around $54 ECD.

There is some small shacks on the beach that serve some tasty snacks. If you are there for lunch the restaurant at the entrance is highly recommended.

Batibou Beach

Take a stroll along Batibou beach when you go to Dominica

Located to the north of Dominica, around 1 hour and 30 minute drive from Roseau you can discover this golden crescent-shaped beach.

It would be one of the more popular beaches in Dominica with its soft sand and clear calm waters. It is an ideal place for snorkelling and to catch a glimpse of some of the Caribbean’s colourful fish. Further out of the shore, the waves are bigger which attracts many surfers to the beach

There are public amenities available here such as a changing room, freshwater shower and toilet.

You can grab some tasty food and drink from the local beach bar and enjoy it on picnic tables under the palm trees.

The beach is perfectly preserved and taken care by locals which charge around $13ECD to visit.

Toucari Bay

Walk the beautiful Toucari beach when you go to Dominica

Travel up to the north end of the ‘Nature Isle’, around a 1 hour and 20-minute drive from Roseau and you can find Toucari Bay.

A beautiful coved beach that is enclosed by the rainforest in the background. It is a dark sandy beach with a very minimal surf, so swimming and snorkelling is ideal. The water here is crystal clear so you should have no problem in spotting tropical marine life.

There are a number of beach bars open throughout the day and you can find some tasty local cuisines from the restaurant Keepin it Real not too far away.

Mero Beach

Visit the black sands of Mero beach when you go to Dominica

You can find this spectacular beach to the west, just up the coast from Roseau at around a 30-minute drive.

This dark sandy beach gets its colour from the terrain of this volcanic island. It is one of a few sandy beaches in Dominica which makes it very popular. The sand here is clean and soft which looks onto the glistening turquoise waters which are perfect for swimming in. The views out of Mero beach are also breathtaking.

Water-sport vendors are located on the beach where you can rent out floats and rafts at reasonable prices.

When your ready for a bite to eat, you can grab some mouthwatering food at the Romance Cafe/Carib Beach Bar.

If you wanted a more quiet time to visit without the crowds, consider visiting in the late-afternoon / evening, when the sun is setting, sometimes you may even have the beach to yourself.


Looking for a spot of lunch or some tasty dinner, look no further!

Where to dine

The international and local cuisines of Dominica are some of the best food in the Caribbean. Almost everything is sourced locally allowing for the best, freshest food served.

I have listed out some of the restaurants you should consider when you arrive to Dominica that will surely fire those tastebuds.

Pagua Bay Bar and Grill – Pagua Bay, Marigot | Pagua Bay House (Seafood)

POZ Restaurant & Bar at Calibishie Gardens – Main Road, Calibishie (Caribbean, Bar, Cajun & Creole)

Rainbow Beach Bar Restaurant – Main Street, Calibishie (Caribbean, Seafood)

Kozy’s Niche – Independence Avenue | Roseau (Italian, Caribbean, Seafood)

Riverside Cafe – Citrus Creek Plantation – Main Road | Taberi, La Plaine Taberi (French, Caribbean, Cajun & Creole)

The Champs Restaurant – Blanca Heights, Picard, Portsmouth (Bar, Caribbean, Contemporary)

Old Stone Grill & Bar – 15 Castle Street, Roseau (Caribbean, Bar, Seafood)

Brief History

When Christopher Columbus came across the island of Dominica on November 3rd 1493, he named it after the day of the week, a Sunday, which in Italian translates to ‘Domenica’.

It was one of the last islands in the Caribbean to be settled upon by European colonizers due to the toughness and resilience of the native Caribs.

France eventually gained control over the island in 1635 and the territory was fought over by the British through the 18th century.

In 1805, the French burned down much of Roseau as the island fell into the hands of the British once they started to build sugar plantations.

Fast forward almost two centuries and On November 3 1978, Dominica became its own independent republic within the Commonwealth.

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