Best time to go to Jamaica – Your Ultimate Guide

Best time to go to Jamaica – Your Ultimate Guide

Best time to goThe best time to go to Jamaica is from January through to June as it is at it’s driest, less humid and has around 10 hours of warm sunshine. The best months to travel to the region would be either May or June. Here, the weather is still warm and dry and you may get a better price for your holiday.

Hurricane season starts around July right through to November with October being the wettest with rainfall up to six inches.

During the hurricane season, with tourism levels dropping slightly, you may be able to pick up a good deal with resorts or villas, some will even add on a few extra days complementary.

Useful Information

Jamaica is a western Caribbean island located just south of Cuba having a population of over 2.7 million. It is an island known for its fastest man alive, Usain Bolt, one of the world’s most iconic figures, Bob Marley, picturesque beaches, luxury resorts and villas and of course it’s love of reggae music.

Capital CityCapital City: Kingston


Currency usedCurrency used in Jamaica: Jamaican Dollar, however, some establishments accept the US Dollar but to make your money go further, it’s best to exchange to Jamaican dollars.


AirportsAirports in Jamaica: Norman Manley International Airport | Sangster International Airport | Ian Fleming International Airport


Visa and entry requirements

Visa & Entry Requirements: You must have a valid passport and return ticket. Most countries don’t need a Visa for Jamaica. You can check out any further requirements here.


Average TemperatureAverage temperature in Jamaica: July is the hottest month with an average temperature of 29°C (83°F) and coolest in January at 25°C (76°F).

Average temperature in Jamaica

Jamaica is a paradise of luxury and relaxation with the most beautiful scenery and vibrant atmosphere. A perfect Jamaica getaway is diving into clear turquoise waters surrounded by colourful coral, relaxing on white sandy beaches and trekking rolling hills blanketed with green luscious rain forest. Any wonder it’s one of the Caribbean’s most attractive and visited islands.

What to do in Jamaica

Check out a rafting tour of the Blue Lagoon when you go to Jamaica

Go on a Bob Marley excursion when you go to Jamaica

Dive into the Blue Hole when you go to Jamaica

Go on a Snorkel Cruise from Montego Bay when you go to Jamaica

Visit Dunns River Falls when you go to Jamaica

Take a fluorescent Luminous night cruise when you go to Jamaica

Culture & Festivities

Jamaica has one of the world’s most dynamic cultures with its people having a mixture of ethnicities. People from different colonies came to the island centuries ago to settle and cultivate the land. Some were brought here and enslaved, which has now shaped and moulded the Jamaican culture of today.

The people of Jamaica still celebrate many traditions from these times as it has now become their heritage and they are definitely something to see and get involved in when you go to Jamaica.

Accompong Maroon Festival

Held in January, this festival celebrates over 200 years since the signed peace treaty between the Maroon slaves and the British. Here the town of Accompong comes alive with parties, singing, dancing, storytelling and plenty of cooking so why not join in the electric atmosphere and party throughout the night. This is definitely the place to be in Jamaica at this time of year.

Jamaica’s Carnival

Join in on the Carnival when you go to Jamaica

During the week of Easter, locals and travellers from around the world get together for this famous carnival. Also known as Bacchanal, this festival is held in Kingston, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios and is the true representation of Jamaica’s culture.

Paraders take to the streets with fluorescent colorful garments, dancing to Reggae and Calypso bands and party till the sun comes up. Join in the festivities and immerse yourself in this spectacular event.

Independence Weekend

Held on the last weekend in July, this is a time when Jamaican’s come together and celebrate their independence from Britain. You will see people showcase their musical talent, dancing and cooking. Join in, taste the local fiery liquor of Appleton’s Rum and enjoy the atmosphere on the white sandy beaches Negril.

Reggae Sumfest

Experience the Reggae Sumfest when you go to Jamaica

This event is held in Montego Bay around mid July. It is an absolute must for anyone that enjoys Reggae music as it is known as ‘the greatest Reggae show on Earth’. This event brings together Reggae artists from all over the world to perform in front of thousands of people. Each evening, the parties take on a different theme and really showcase the best that Reggae has to offer.

It is a fantastic Jamaican experience that everyone should get involved in, even if Reggae isn’t your thing as the atmosphere is electric and will surely have you dance the night away.

Bob Marley’s Birthday Bash

A tribute to one of Jamaica’s most admired and successful Reggae musicians, Bob Marley. This event is held on and around his birthday from 1st-6th February. Here, locals get together to celebrate his life and work holding shows, art exhibitions and live concerts. Crowds take to the streets playing Reggae music with Rastafarian flags and colours that can be seen all across Jamaica in honour of his name.

Best beaches in Jamaica

Jamaica holds so many treasures, one of them being having some of the most beautiful and scenic beaches in the Caribbean, or even the world for that matter. Throughout the Caribbean islands, you will notice the unmistakable pattern of the white soft sandy beaches, colourful turquoise waters with a backdrop of palm trees and Jamaica is no exception to this. Here I have listed out some of the best beaches for you to visit when you go to Jamaica.

Seven Mile Beach

Visit Seven Mile Beach when you go to Jamaica

Located in Negril, and as the name suggests, it is in actual fact 7 miles long. This beautiful beach is spectacular to see, with the most aqua coloured water and whitest of sand. Take a stroll along this beach or take a dip, this beach is perfect for swimming in or simply laying back on a sun lounger and letting the worries of the world pass you by.

There are a number of watersport vendors here that will give you plenty of choice when taking to the water. Street food vendors walk up and down the beach serving quick bites with their specialty being jerk chicken.

Alfred’s Ocean Palace pump music onto the beach so the party can continue right through the night.

Boston Bay Beach

Visit Boston Bay Beach when you go to Jamaica

If surfing is more your thing, you need to check out Boston Bay Beach. Located on the eastern shore of the island around Fairy Hill, this beach features incredible silky sands with magnificent coloured waters. Here the waves are perfect for surfing or windsurfing due to its location. There are beach outfitters that provide boards to rent that are cheap enough to do so.

Another big attraction here on this beach is the food. If your looking for spicy jerk food, Boston Bay has it. There are a number of vendors here that provide that much-needed bite to eat after surfing those waves all day.

Treasure Beach

Take a trip to Treasure beach when you go to Jamaica

A beach that is off the beaten track and not a usual tourist attraction, but don’t let this put you off by any means. Treasure Beach is a picturesque place that consists of beautiful sands, warm turquoise waters and with a backdrop of the Santa Cruz mountains. Keeping away from the swarm of tourists will allow for a more enjoyable experience.

Here you can also dine at Frenchman’s Reef restaurant for some amazing spicy jerk food.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

Visit Doctors Cave Beach when you go to Jamaica

Situated in Montego Bay on the North West of the island, Doctor’s Cave Beach is one of Jamaica’s most favored beaches by locals and tourists alike. This stretch of golden sand is perfect for everyone who enjoys relaxing, sunbathing and having a dip in the clear warm water.

Here you can take up watersports or tour activities such as glass bottom boats, kayaking or water skiing.

There is changing rooms and rental equipment such as snorkeling gear, umbrellas and loungers.

You can grab a bite to eat and dine at Groovy Grouper Bar & Grill who serve up some incredible food.

This is one of Jamaica’s most crowded beaches especially during the winter months but you will be able to find your own spot to lay down and enjoy the sunshine.

Reggae Beach

Spend the day at Reggae beach when you go to Jamaica

With amazing scenery, beautiful soft sand, clear crystal waters and afternoon Reggae jams playing, what’s not to like about Reggae Beach.

Located on the North shore of the island, just an 8-minute drive from Ocho Rios, this beach is a must see for a laid back atmosphere. Grab lunch or drink from one of the 3 bars on the beach and sit back and feel what it’s like to live the real island life.

Where to stay and relax in luxury

Jamaica is a place of beauty and colour from bright aqua waters, dazzling white sandy beaches and luscious greenery of the rainforest inland. The island offers an unforgettable Caribbean escape and choosing to stay in luxurious surroundings only enhances your experience.

There are a number of villas and all-inclusive resorts that cater to your every need, providing a choice of activities from entertainment to water sports so you don’t have to worry about any additional expenses.

All-Inclusive Resorts

Sandals has 7 all-inclusive resorts around the beautiful island of Jamaica with each one having it’s own special characteristics.

With Sandals exclusive ‘Stay at One, Play at All’ Program you will be able to take advantage of all the amenities of all the Sandals and Beaches resorts around the island regardless of which resort you stay in. Travelling around all 4 corners of Jamaica hasn’t been easier. Staying at Sandals you will be able to experience all these luxuries it has to offer: 

  • Access to 10 of it’s own stunning beaches
  • 26 pools
  • Over 50 Restaurants
  • Over 35 bars
  • Complementary Scuba diving
  • Unlimited premium brand drinks
  • Butler Service in selected suites
  • Unlimited land and water sports
  • Beachfront villas suites

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Luxury villas & chateaux

If you are planning a couples getaway, honeymoon or simply a family holiday, Oliver’s Travels have a huge range of homes that will make your getaway truly memorable.

They have villas and chateaux that can comfortably sleep between 2-20 people with their own pools. All homes are a short walking distance from a beach with some even having access to their own secluded beaches.

Oliver’s Travels offer a Free Concierge Service that will be able to assist with car hire, transfers and local land and water activities. It’s all part of the package when you book through them.

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With Oliver’s Travels own dedicated wedding consultant it will be able to take all the stress out of planning a wedding. They will work through all the logistics and plans with you to make sure you have the wedding you have always dreamed about.

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Where to dine

With such a diverse and multicultural population, Jamaica has cuisines from all over the world that will cater for anybody’s needs. From European, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean and of course Jerk, Jamaica will make sure that no one goes hungry. During your getaway you should indulge in these beautiful restaurants:

  • Sugar Mill (located in Montego Bay, Half Moon Resort) (Caribbean, Jamaican)
  • Zimbali’s Mountain Cooking Studio (located in Negril, Little London, Canaan Mountain) (Caribbean, International, Jamaican)
  • BushBar (located in Port Antonio, San San, Geejam Hotel) (International, Jamaican)
  • Jamaica Inn’s Restaurant (located in Ocho Rios, Old Road Main Street) (Caribbean, International, Jamaican) 
  • Seagrape Terrace (located in Montego Bay, Rose Hill, Half Moon Resort) (Jamaican, Seafood, Caribbean)
  • Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa (located in White House, Sandals Resort) (Caribbean)
  • Bongo’s (located in Negril, Norman Manley Boulevard) (Seafood, Contemporary, Caribbean)
  • Toscanini Restaurant (located in Ocho Rios, Tower Isle) (Italian, Caribbean, European, Seafood)
  • Zest Restaurant (located in Negril, The Cliff Hotel) (Caribbean, Seafood, International)
  • Rojo Restaurant (located in Kingston, Saint Lucia Avenue) (Caribbean, European, Jamaican)

Brief History

Like many other Caribbean islands, Jamaica has been a place with fought over territory. In 1494, Christopher Columbus visited the island thus began the rule of Spain. During this time, Arwaks were enslaved and forced to farm sugar and tobacco. They soon died due to the harsh living conditions they were forced to live under at which African slaves were imported here.

In 1655, Britain captured and took control of Jamaica and continued with the import of slaves. During this time, Jamaica became the largest sugar producer in the world

In 1838, emancipation was declared throughout the British Isles and the slaves became free.

It wasn’t until August 6th, 1962 that Jamaica gained independence from Britain.

Even to this day you can still see and visit remnants of the British and Spanish empires that once had a hold over this haven.

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