Best time to go to the Bahamas – Your Ultimate Guide

Best time to go to the Bahamas – Your Ultimate Guide

Best time to goThe best time to go to the Bahamas is generally between the months of December to April. These are the driest months although the island does get an average of 340 days of sunshine so a getaway can be enjoyed anytime of the year.

Summer months tend to be wetter and hotter so it does make it more humid but still bearable.

The best time to travel to the region is April as you will be able to benefit from the beautiful tropical weather and avoid the high season rates.

Hurricane season starts from June right through to November with storms most likely between August and October. 


Well, let’s get to know the Bahamas a little better!

Useful Information

The Bahamas consists of 700 islands’ or 2000 if you include the cays (small islands’ formed on coral reefs) that lays to the north-west of the Turks and Caicos. With these beautiful islands’, you can see picture perfect beaches line the coast for miles. The Bahamas is a very popular destination for getting away from the busy day to day hustle of life where you can relax, soak in the golden sun and recharge your batteries.

Capital CityCapital City: Nassau


Currency usedCurrency used in the Bahamas: The Bahamian Dollar or US Dollar, although you will get more for your money if you use the Bahamian Dollar.


AirportsMain airports in the Bahamas: Lynden Pindling International Airport | San Salvador Airport | Grand Bahama International Airport | Andros Town Airport | Treasure Cay Airport | Exuma International Airport | Rock Sound International Airport

Visa and entry requirementsVisa & Entry Requirements: You must have a valid passport and return ticket. Most countries don’t require a Visa. You can check out further requirements here.


Average TemperatureAverage temperature in the Bahamas: July through to September are the hottest months at around 28°C (82°F) and coolest in January at around 21°C (70°F)

Average temperature in the Bahamas

The Bahamas is a beautiful archipelago of picturesque scenery, glittering turquoise waters and spectacular white sandy beaches. With these islands being one of the most visited places in the Caribbean, it’s a perfect place for a romantic getaway or a family holiday where the best memories can be made.


Check out some of these amazing things you can do here!

What to do in the Bahamas

Take a trip to Pig Island when you go to the Bahamas

Swim and snorkel around Tropical fish when you go to the Bahamas

Take a deep sea fishing excursion when you go to the Bahamas

Sightsee around Nassau when you go to the Bahamas

Go on an Exuma Powerboat adventure when you go to the Bahamas

Now, the Bahamas hold some incredible festivals, check them out!

Culture & Festivities

Over centuries, the Bahamas were a heavily sought after territory by other nations, just like the rest of the Caribbean islands’. Along with the colonies that tried to take control, it brought enslavement of African people. After slavery was abolished, Africans had already made their home here and with this brought a whole diversity in heritage, beliefs, traditions and completely shaped the culture of the island.

Bahamians are very friendly, good-natured people and enjoy life by celebrating many festivities throughout the year. These festivities can either be cultural or historical related but one thing is for sure, the Bahamians know how to have a good time and something to certainly get involved in when you go to the Bahamas.

Junkanoo Festival

Attend a Junkanoo Parade when you go to the Bahamas

A popular folk arts expression in the Bahamas that has been held since the 16th century. It is a street parade that mainly occur all over the Bahamas islands’ with the main parade being performed in the capital of Nassau. The parade consists of three aspects; dance, music and arts and crafts. These occurrences are performed on 26th December (Boxing Day), 1st January (New year’s day) and in July. It is a festival that everyone can join in on, feel the spirit and to take in the amazing atmosphere around you.

It is said the best to go to the Bahamas is when Junkanoo is on!

Fox Hill Day Festival

Spectate at Fox Hill Day Festival when you go to the Bahamas

This is one of the Bahamas oldest festivals that is held on the 2nd weekend of August and celebrates the abolition of slavery. It hosts many cultural events along with bands playing all over the islands’ and many other forms of entertainment for everybody to take part in and enjoy.

The Andros Crab Festival

An event that attracts thousands of visitors, the annual Crab Fest held in Fresh Creek, Andros allows visitors to taste the extraordinary local crab meat the Bahamas has to offer. White crab can cost around $5 whilst black crab is around $4.

Bahamas International Film Festival

The Bahamas International Film festival, held in December, is a world renowned film festival that attracts many Hollywood celebrities and holds many screenings, panel discussions and gala events.

Best Beaches in the Bahamas

See the many beautiful beaches when you go to the Bahamas

Just like other Caribbean islands, the Bahamas coastline are lined in beautiful white sandy beaches, so it is very easy to find a perfect place where you can relax and bathe in the golden sun or take to the waters and improve on those surfing skills.

When seeking out your perfect beach, it’s advised that the best time to go to a Bahamian beach is early in the morning. You can take advantage of the abundance of space and avoid the large crowds as later on in the day, some beaches will start to crowd.

Treasure Cay beach – Abaco Island

Visit Treasure Cay beach when you go to the Bahamas

This beach stretches for 3.5 miles on Abaco Island. It is renowned for having the whitest and purest sand in all the Caribbean which blends together with the beautiful turquoise waters of the Sea of Abaco.

The Love Beaches – Long Island

The Love Beaches, made up of four beaches has the most beautiful pink sand along with a natural swimming pool. Take a stroll down these beaches with a loved one and take in the beautiful scenery around you.

Small Hope Bay beach – North Andros Island

Take a trip to Small Hope Bay Beach when you go to the Bahamas

Located just 10 minutes from Andros Town, this lovely sandy beach is perfect to relax in the sunshine with a drink and lay out on a hammock tied between two coconut trees. This is surely a beach to go to and rejuvenate yourself on your getaway in the Bahamas.

Pink Sand beaches – Harbour Island

Visit Pink Sand beaches when you go to the Bahamas

Featured in The Travel Channel’s ‘World’s Best Beaches’ segment in March 2005, these beaches must be visited when traveling to the Bahamas. It is renowned for it’s pale pink sand that can stretch for 3 miles along the coastline of Harbour Island.

Surfer’s beach – Eleuthera Island

Located just 2 miles from Gregory Town, Surfer’s beach is the ideal place to come if surfing is your passion. Due to the location, the waters are more choppy but perfect if you want to catch some big waves.

Tiki Hut beach – Bimini Island

Visit Tiki Hut beach when you go to the Bahamas

Located in South Bimini, this very popular beach has lovely clear white sand that stretches 2 miles along the west shore of the island. The beach has a beautiful background of flowers, palm trees and sisal and really complements it against the white sand and turquoise waters.

Where to stay and relax in luxury

The Bahamas has many beautiful all-inclusive resorts and villas to stay in. Relaxing and unwinding in paradise is what your Bahamas getaway should be mainly focused around. If adventure and water sports is more your priority, not to worry, the Bahamas never fails to disappoint with the abundance of things to do.

Staying in an all-inclusive resort or villa that can provide or assist with these amenities will make your stay hassle free, simply adding to your Caribbean escape.

All-Inclusive Resort

Sandals Resorts offers an exotic getaway for people that wish to experience what staying in paradise is really like. Whether you are planning a family holiday, a couples retreat or even looking to book a wedding or honeymoon, Sandals has incredible packages available. They have 2 resorts in the Bahamas, one based in the capital of Nassau and the other in Great Exuma.

Here, you will be able to discover the famous underwater cave of Thunderball Grotto, swim with the Great Exuma pigs, try your luck at the tables at the local casinos or shop in style in many of the fashionable outlets. Staying with Sandals creates an unforgettable experience as it allows access to incredible luxury amenities during your Bahamas getaway.

Sandals Royal Bahamian

  • Exclusive Offshore Island with 2 cove beaches
  • Exclusive butler service for selected suites
  • New River Pool Suites
  • Red Lane Spa
  • Complimentary scuba diving
  • Unlimited fine dining at 10 restaurants
  • Premium brand drinks
  • 8 full service bars including 3 swim-up bars
  • 7 pools and 3 whirlpools
  • Unlimited land and water sports
  • Free non-stop around trip airport transfers
  • Rolls Royce or Mercedes transfers for butler guests
  • Free Wi-Fi in all rooms and public areas

Sandals Emerald Bay

  • Exclusive butler service for selected suites
  • Red Lane Spa
  • 18-hole championship golf course
  • Unlimited fine dining at 11 restaurants
  • Pristine, mile long beach
  • 6 full service bars including swim-up pool bar
  • Unlimited premium spirits
  • Unlimited Mondavi wines
  • 3 pools and 2 whirlpools
  • 150-slip deep water marina
  • Complimentary scuba diving
  • Experience the unique Exuma Swimming Pigs
  • Unlimited land and water sports
  • Free Wi-Fi in all rooms and public areas
  • Free non-stop round trip airport transfers

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Luxury villas & Chateaux

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Oliver’s Travels offer exceptional luxury villas and chateaux that can be booked for a couples retreat or a group of people. They have bespoke homes with picturesque views that can comfortably fit from 2 people up to 50 people, depending on the home chosen of course.

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Getting married is one of few special moments that anyone can experience, so make it unforgettable with a dream fairy tale wedding in a luxurious chateaux or stately home.

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Where to dine

The Bahamas has many beautiful, tasty cuisines to try that will cater for everybody from Italian, Mediterranean, European, Asian and the local Bahamian food.


  • Cafe Matisse (located in the North) (Italian, Vegetarian Friendly)
  • Dune (located in the North) (Caribbean, Seafood, Fusion, Bahamian)
  • Sapodilla (located in the North East) (Caribbean, Seafood, Bahamian, European)
  • Nobu (located in the North) (Japanese, Seafood, Sushi, Asian)
  • Lucianos of Chicago (located in the North) (Italian, Bahamian)


  • Big Game Bar and Grill (located in the South) (American, Caribbean, Seafood, Bahamian)
  • Stuart Conch Salad Stand (located in the West) (Caribbean, Seafood, Bahamian)
  • Sherry’s Paradise Beach Bar (located in the West) (Caribbean, Seafood, Bahamian)
  • Edith’s Pizza (located in the West) (Caribbean, Pizza, Bahamian)
  • Three Daughters Deli (located in the West) (Caribbean, Seafood, Bahamian)

Grand Bahama Island

  • Flying Fish Gastrobar (located in the South West) (Caribbean, Seafood, International, Bahamian)
  • Banana Bay (located in the South West) (Caribbean, Bar, Seafood, Bahamian)
  • Cappucinos Fine Italian Restaurant (located in the South) (Italian, Seafood, Vegetarian Friendly)
  • Zorbas Greek Restaurant (located in the South) (Mediterranean, Greek, Seafood, Bahamian)
  • Agave Lucaya (located in the South) (Caribbean, Seafood, Bahamian, Mexican, Latin)


  • O Kossis (located in the North) (Steakhouse, Mediterranean, Grill, Barbecue)
  • Oti Kalo (located in the North West) (Greek, Seafood, Mediterranean)
  • The Dolphins (located in North West) (Greek, Seafood, Vegan)
  • Thiriotrofeio (located in the North) (Mediterranean, Vegetarian Friendly, Greek)
  • Mastello (located in the West) (Greek, Seafood, Mediterranean)


  • Tropic Breeze Beach Bar and Grill (located in the south) (American, Bar, Caribbean, Seafood, Bahamian)
  • Santanna’s Bar and Grill (located in the South) (Caribbean, Bar, Seafood, Bahamian)
  • Sherry’s at the Fish Fry (located in the East) (Caribbean, Vegetarian Friendly, Seafood, Bahamian)
  • Chat ‘N’ Chill (located on Powder Beach) (American, Bar, Caribbean, Barbecue, Seafood, Bahamian)
  • La Fourchette Bahamas (located in the North) (French, Caribbean, Seafood, Bahamian)


  • Cepigel (located in Matthew Town, South West) (Caribbean, Seafood, Bar)
  • Cozy Corner Restaurant and Bar (located in Matthew Town, South West) (Caribbean, Bahamian)
  • Big ‘O’ & Angie’s Place (located in Matthew Town, South West) (Caribbean, Bahamian)
  • Kiwabis Park (located in Matthew Town, South West) (Caribbean, Bahamian)


  • 1648 Bar & Grille (located in Governor’s Harbour) (American, Caribbean, Seafood, Vegetarian Friendly)
  • The Shipyard Restaurant & Bar (located in Spanish Wells) (Caribbean, Seafood, Bar, Vegetarian Friendly)
  • Buccaneer Club (located in Governor’s Harbour) (Caribbean, Seafood, Bahamian, Bar)
  • Front Porch (located in Hatchet Bay) (Caribbean, Seafood, Bahamian)
  • The Rainbow Inn Seafood & Steak House (located in Rainbow Bay) (Pizza, Caribbean, Seafood, Bahamian)


  • Wally’s Restaurant (located in Marsh Harbour) (Caribbean, Bahamian, Seafood)
  • Treasure Sand’s Club (located in Treasure Cay) (Caribbean, European, Seafood)
  • Cracker P’s Bar & Grill (located in Lubber’s Quarters) (American, Bar, Caribbean, Seafood)
  • Coco Beach Bar & Grill (located in Treasure Cay) (Caribbean, European, American, Bahamian, Seafood)
  • Curly Tails (located in Marsh Harbour) (Caribbean, Vegetarian Friendly)

Cat Island

  • Da Smoke Pot (located in Arthur’s Town) (Caribbean, Bahamian, Seafood)
  • Shanna’s Cove Resort Restaurant (located in Orange Creek) (American, Bar, Seafood)
  • Hidden Treasures (located in New Bight) (Caribbean, Bar, Seafood, Vegetarian Friendly)
  • Mermaid’s Restaurant at the Ocean Dream Beach Resort (located in Smith’s Bay) (Caribbean, Mediterranean, Seafood)
  • Mary’s Crab Shack (located in Zonicle Hill) (Seafood)

Brief History

In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed on the shores on San Salvador when traveling to the new world. He saw the surrounding shallow seas around him and called it ‘baja mar’ (shallow sea) which has now become the islands’ of the Bahamas. Throughout the centuries, the Bahamas has been subject to invasion, slavery and had a big part to play for Britain in the US Civil War. During the Civil war, Britain’s textile depended on southern cotton although since the Union blockaded British ships from entering, all the trading was done through the Bahamas.

It was visited by many pirates in the late 1600s and early 1700s such as Blackbeard and Calico Jack. Due to the islands’ location of popular shipping lanes it made a perfect place to steal from merchant ships and there is still the tales of the buried treasure throughout the islands’.

On July 10th, 1973 the Bahamas gained independence and became a free and sovereign country which was ruled by the British for the past 325 years.

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