Best time to travel to Anguilla – Your Ultimate Guide

Best time to travel to Anguilla – Your Ultimate Guide

Best time to goThe best time to travel to Anguilla is between the months of May to August.

Consider travelling to the region in April or May, during this time you still get the best of weather but also have the best chance of picking up a bargain on flights and hotels.

You can expect temperatures of around 28°C/29°C with around 8-9 hours of sunshine per day.

Off season is from June through to November as this is Hurricane season so tourism tends to dip, but if travelling at this time, expect rainfall and rough storms.

Hotel and airline prices certainly drop during September and October so this is the cheapest time to travel.


So, let’s get to know Anguilla a bit better!

Useful Information

Anguilla is an awe-inspiring Caribbean island fringed by beautiful white-sand beaches, surrounded by crystal- clear waters perfect for snorkelling and swimming especially around its vibrant reefs.

It’s an island dotted with luxurious hotels, resorts and homely estates that offers picture perfect sceneries that promotes a relaxing, tropical paradise.

Anguilla is one of the most northerly islands’ of the Leeward Islands in the Lesser Antilles, located east of Puerto Rico and directly north of Saint Martin. The main language here is English.

Capital CityCapital City: The Valley


Currency usedCurrency used in Anguilla: Eastern Caribbean Dollar is the local currency; however, most hotels and restaurants actually prefer US Dollars. Most establishments also accept MasterCard and Visa.

AirportsAirport: Clayton J. Lloyd International Airport


Visa and entry requirementsVisa & Entry Requirements: You must have a valid passport and return ticket. Most countries do not require a Visa.


Average TemperatureAverage Temperature: June, July, August and September are the hottest months at around 29°C and coolest in January, February and March at around 25°C.

Average temperature in Anguilla


Anguilla has some incredible things to do, be sure to check these out!

What to do in Anguilla

See the incredible Dolphins when you travel to Anguilla

Travel to Anguilla and enjoy activities such as the inflatable waterpark

Try out scenic horseback rides when you travel to Anguilla

Test your mini golf skills when you travel to Anguilla

Get up close and personal with the ocean when you travel to Anguilla


When your there, you should really consider looking into these festivities!

Culture & Festivities

Anguilla hosts many fantastic festivals filled with music, dancing and just overall fun! Being able to blend these festivals with the scenic views around you, just makes the experience ever better.

The culture and people here are very friendly that live life to the fullest and invite people from all corners of the globe to come and join in with their festivities.

These are some of their main events you should look out for when visiting.


Experience Moonsplash when you travel to Anguilla

Held for 3 days every February at the funky Dune Preserve on Rendezvous Bay, this music festival is one of the most anticipated events on the Anguilla calendar.

Hosted by Anguilla legend himself Bankie Banx, this festival brings together a diverse line-up of performers to its stages such as Steel Pulse, Third World, Toots & The Maytals, Jimmy Buffett, and John Mayer.

It is held in some of the unlikeliest of places but the views and surroundings create an incredible ambiance as you dance and sing long into the night.

Summer Festival

Jump in and get involved in the Summer Festival when you travel to Anguilla


This runs over several weeks in July and August, and is Anguilla’s own form of a Caribbean Carnival.

During this vibrant festival, there are concerts, pageants, competitions and of course parades that is full of colour, life and music.

Every Monday in August, there is a weekly beach party held with boat races held just off shore.

If you happen to travel to Anguilla at this time of year, I assure you that boredom will not be part of your days here. There is something for everybody to do and see.

Some say this is the best time to travel to Anguilla to experience the electric atmosphere at this time.

Anguilla Regatta

Spectate at the Anguilla Regatta when you travel to Anguilla

Looking to travel to Anguilla in May? Then checking out the Anguilla Regatta is a must!

Anguilla is a boating-mad island, and it holds this 4 day event that allows spectators to see a number of different types of sailboats race around the bay.

Spectators can view the races from some of Anguilla’s most popular destinations, including Rendezvous Bay, Maunday’s Bay and Mead’s Bay.

Food and drink stalls are set up on the beaches so you can grab some tasty food and a cold beer whilst watching these exciting races.

Easter Festival del Mar

Enjoy the culture at the Easter Festival del Mar when you travel to Anguilla

Held over 2 days during the Easter period on the quaint fishing village of Island Harbour, where the locals gather to celebrate their rich fishing and boating heritage.

During the festival, you can see boat races being held for actual boat and small model boats.

There is plenty to do with swim races, a fishing tournament, cooking competitions and of course concerts there to entertain the audience.

This is a perfect family day out that has activities for both adults and children.


Now, one of the main reasons why anyone comes to Anguilla is the beaches and these are some of the best to explore!

Best beaches in Anguilla

Anguilla has some of the world’s most beautiful and mesmerising beaches that are truly something to behold.

The views from its beaches are absolutely breathtaking and will make for unforgettable memories.

You can expect to walk and relax on glimmering white sand whilst being able to take a dip in the most colourful and captivating warm waters.

Welcome to paradise!

Shoal Bay

Take a dip at Shoal Bay when you travel to Anguilla

Discover this incredible beach towards the north coast of the island, around a 12-minute drive The Valley.

Shoal Bay is a clean white soft sandy beach that is beautiful, quiet and tranquil.

The water here is warm and calm with a gorgeous aqua colour…that is almost green! Snorkelling is a must try when your here. You can swim alongside tropical fish and different marine life around the coral reef just off the beach.

There are plenty of places to eat but try out Zemi Restaurant. You can grab some tasty lunch here after a hard day of relaxing and sunbathing.

Loungers and umbrellas are available to rent on the beach which are quite cheap.

Maundays Bay

Relax and sunbathe on Maundays Bay when you travel to Anguilla

Travel to this exquisite beach located at the most southerly end of Anguilla, around a 23-minute drive from The Valley.

This picture perfect cove is nothing short of paradise as you bathe in beautiful crystal clear turquoise waters. The surf here is very calm as it is protected due to its position, so perfect for swimming and snorkelling, further out you can take advantage of the windy breeze were you will see people sailing and windsurfing.

Pick a spot and set up for the day on this dazzling white sandy beach, loungers and umbrellas are available to rent here as well.

There are a few restaurants available on the beach but try out Cap Juluca, it serves some incredible food and cold drinks.

Meads Bay

Take a day out at Meads Bay when you travel to Anguilla

Meads bay is definitely a placed to be explored, it can be found towards the south western coast, around a 17-minute drive from The Valley or 9-minutes from Maundays Bay.

Meads Bay is everything that comes to mind when you think of a typical Caribbean beach, perfect white sand, colourful turquoise warm waters with a backdrop of tall palm trees swaying in the breeze.

You can walk the whole beach in around 15-minutes with several restaurants to choose from. Check out a great beach bar called The Waves towards the Four Seasons Resort. It’s a great place to have a cocktail and grab a bite to eat with wonderful friendly service.

This is a place to chill out for the day and soak of the Caribbean sun or come at sunset and take in the most breath-taking views.

Rendezvous Bay Beach

Take a stroll at Rendezvous Bay Beach when you travel to Anguilla

Rendezvous Bay Beach can be found close to the other beaches mentioned, around a 9-minute drive from Meads Bay.

It’s one of Anguilla’s gems that has a long stunning white sandy beach that blends perfectly into its crystal clear turquoise waters.

The water here is calm at shore, ideal for swimming but as you go further out it can become choppy where you will surfers in the distance.

The scenery here is spectacular with a perfect view of St.Martin, which can be quickly zipped over to if your preferred a day out there.

Try out Coconut Beach Bar at Great House or Sunshine Shack as they are excellent for cold drinks and cocktails.

Cove Bay

Take a 9-minute drive south down the coast from Rendezvous Bay and you will discover this treasure trove of Cove Bay.

Cove Bay is a tranquil, quiet beach that doesn’t seem to attract too much people which allows for a relaxing getaway. At times, you may even have the entire beach to yourself!

It has soft white sand and calm, glistening turquoise blue waters that is great for snorkelling.

Smokey’s is the only restaurant here but it serves incredible food and drinks.

Come to this beach anytime as you will have no problem is finding your own spot on the sand but I assure you will go home feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Sandy Ground

Enjoy a relaxing day at Sands Ground when you go travel to Anguilla

Discover this metropolis further north, at around a 9-minute drive from The Valley.

Sandy Ground is a great little coved beach where you can sit back and relax and watch the many boats arrive and take off from the bay.

The beach itself has soft white sand and crystal clear waters that is calm enough for snorkelling and swimming.

It has a large variety of restaurants and bars to enjoy that offer a wide range of cuisines, drinks and even provide some live music.

It’s beach tends to attract a larger crowd compared to the other beaches due to proximity of the capital of The Valley. It has a very friendly, chilled atmosphere to it.


Now, Anguilla has some excellent restaurants that serve the most incredible cuisines, check these out when your here!

Where to dine

Anguilla has a great food scene with a large variety of cuisines from Mexican, Italian, French, Moroccan and of course seafood.

Most restaurants here cater to everyone’s needs that also have kid-friendly options available.

Have a look out for some of these restaurants when your there, guaranteed to be satisfy your appetite.

Artisan – Webster’s Yard, Island Harbour (Italian, Pizza, Vegan Options)

Falcon Nest – Island Harbour (Caribbean, Bar, Seafood)

Blanchards Beach Shack – Meads Bay, West End Village (American, Caribbean, Seafood)

Ken’s Pork – Across from the Peoples Market, The Valley (Caribbean, Fast food, Barbecue)

Veya Restaurant – Sandy Ground (Caribbean, Seafood, Contemporary)

Elvis’ Beach Bar – Sandy Ground (Mexican, American, Caribbean)

SandBar – Sandy Ground | Road Bay (American, Caribbean, Seafood)

Jacala Beach Restaurant – The Valley Rd | Long Bay Village, Meads Bay Pond, West End Village (European, Caribbean)

Brief History

Anguilla has been known to have been populated by south Americans for the past 3000 years until the British first colonised it in the 17th century.

Along with colonisation came slavery and slaves were imported from Africa to its shores.

The French grew an attraction to the islands’ beauty in 1745 and 1796 but failed to capture that land and fled.

During the middle of the 20th century, Anguilla was incorporated into St.Kitts and Nevis despite the islanders refusing this. In 1967, once St.Kitts and Nevis received independence, the islanders then started two revolutions as they refused to accept independent government in which the population voted for against being governed by St.Kitts.

Once they declared themselves the Republic of Anguilla, a British Minister was brought in to establish an interim government but was then forced out.

After a few days, the British brought in paratroopers and two frigates to restore order.

In 1776 and 1980, a new constitution was enacted and Anguilla was formly separated from St.Kitts and Nevis and granted the status of a British Overseas Territory.

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